Ten Dollar Bill (2023/24)
expanded animation performance (projected zoetrope image sequences with pre-recorded + live sound)
Running time varies

Powered by echoes from the dawn of cinema, Ten Dollar Bill catapults the magic of live, moving image into the Neo-Jurassic era.

TDB is presented as a live, magic lantern-type experience with an ever-evolving stream of visual compositions created by dozens of hand-cut zoetropes which are brought to life by rotating platters and strobing lights. These are accompanied by an immersive, hybrid soundtrack of ambient, pre-recorded mechanical and atmospheric sounds + live sounds coaxed from various instruments including chimes, bowed stringed instruments and whirlytubes.


This Room is Nothing Without You, Shapeshifters Cinema, Oakland, CA
(March 2024)
Other Cinema, X~PERI~MENTAL ANIMATION, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, CA (March 2024)
Other Cinema, New Experimental Works, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, CA (December 2023)