The Speed of Disembodiment (2016)
expanded cinema (video, 35mm slides, 16mm film)

Using a combination of visual media, The Speed of Disembodiment sifts through historical evidence to examine the roots of industrialized culture to understand how time, space, perception and nature became irrevocably changed by advances in technology during the Industrial Revolution and how our connection to the cosmos became subsumed by a blind commitment to progress and profit. In the process, we witness the birth of cinema as a product of the very same enterprising pursuits.


Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR (November 2017)
Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, NM (April 2017)
Other Cinema, Optronica program, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, CA (October 2016)
Royal Nonesuch Gallery, Oakland, CA, (October 2016)


Artful Dodger: Oodles of Art to Observe this October, by Sarah Hotchkiss, KQED, October 3, 2016
Ten Great Expanded Cinema Performances of 2016, by Brian Darr, Hell on Frisco Bay, January 30, 2017