Expanded View (2016)
photo collages and animated video loop

Expanded View is made up of collage imagery displayed as sequential panoramas of single frames frozen in time next to a digital video loop of the animations from which they are taken. The panoramas are reminiscent of "exploded view" diagrams that show the relationship or assembly order of all the parts of an object all at once. In this context it’s possible to spend time looking at the details of each image to see things that you might otherwise miss when viewed as a moving image. It’s also possible to scan your eyes past the panoramas to simulate what happens when these same images move past a singular point of focus on a screen. In this way, a viewer has the option to experience all aspects of the work at both the macro and the micro levels depending on his or her level of engagement. The animated videos and the collage panoramas displayed together side-by-side illustrate the different ways a viewer can experience the same imagery and how our perception changes in relationship to the time we take and the spaces we occupy to view them.


Timeless Motion, SOMArts Cultural Center, San Francisco, CA, (February 2016)


Interview with Carolina Quintanilla of SOMArts Cultural Center
"Timeless Motion: Giving Form to the Ephemeral" by Kathleen Quillian with contributions by Paul Clipson, Keith Evans, Kerry Laitala, Jeanne Liotta, Scott Stark and Mark Wilson, Other Zine, issue #30: MaTeRiAL Cinema, March 2016
SOMArts Cultural Center Electrifies Invisible Forces by Mark Taylor, KQED, March 2016