Life After Wartime: Stereo Images of Suburban Living, 1952-1962 (2015)
stereoscopic slide show and talk
music soundtrack by Cyrus Tabar

Life After Wartime examines a collection of stereoscopic slides taken between 1952-1962 by my Great Uncle Harold Morehouse, photographer, jazz musician and cryptanalyst. It is an intimate look at post-war life in and around our nation's capital, heightened by the "true to life" nature of stereoscopic photography captured on Kodachrome slide film. While showing the slides, I talk about some of my family's personal history, weaving it in to and out of the greater cultural narrative of the time, touching on subjects including Cold War activities of the U.S. Government, suburban development and the history of stereoscopic photography, among other things.


After Dark: Extended Cinemas, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA (March 2016)
Other Cinema, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, CA, (October 2015)


Life After Wartime: Weaving History and Mystery Across Space and Time by Kathleen Quillian, Other Zine, issue #31: META-, September 2016