Twyla Tharp (2021)
collage animation, TRT: 3:45
animation by Kathleen Quillian
music by Dylan Hicks

[Watch on Vimeo]

Animated music video made using digitally-printed images and approximately 1,200 hand-cut paper silhouettes.


Roxie Mixtape: Music Videos, The Roxie, San Francisco, CA, 2023
Vallejo Art Walk, Bay Area Cinema, Vallejo, CA
Collage In Motion, Kolajfest, New Orleans, LA, 2022
Oakland Secret Film Festival, Oakland, CA, 2022
Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI, 2022
Kathmandu World Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2021
Trip the Light Fantastic, The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, 2021
LIGHT YEAR 80: Natural Rhythms, Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn, NY, 2021
Other Cinema, Artists' Television Access, San Francisco, CA, 2021

Twyla Tharp is in the permanent collection of the Cinema Arts Program at The Exploratorium in San Francisco